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Our Process
With 50 years of combined experience, Executive Recruiting Associates has developed a recruiting process that ensures success. After identifying specific criteria our clients’ desire, we utilize all of our resources to match talent to your requirements. Our recruiters keep an open communication with our clients regularly.

Our Four-Phase Executive Search Process
 1.   Initial Client Conversation
  • Discuss qualifications and responsibilities required
  • Identify scope of position
  • Overview of interview process
 2.    Research and Recruiting
  • We develop a search strategy with you and agree on our target source for potential candidates. We will then conduct our search to identify industries, companies, and position functions specific to your position requirements.• Identify industries and competitors
  • Utilize in-house database and researchers
  • Network with professionals in like industry
3.     Candidate Evaluation and Selection
  • Conduct a thorough phone interview
  • Determine if background fits clients’ needs
  • Present résumés
 4.    Final Offer Negotiation
  • Extend employment offer to desired candidate
  • Facilitate negotiations if necessary
  • Assist in drug screening and background check
  • Conduct reference checks if desired

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